Media madness

Over the last 2 weeks or so I have kicked off this website, a new Instagram account for my studio, and pretty much gone crazy with my Pinteresting. All of this has been in the interest of...what? Developing followers? How creepy does that sound? Um...kinda like a cult leader. Then I found myself getting anxious. First thing in the morning I would run downstairs while my kiddos were still sleeping, check to see all the new posts, 'like' some, get nervous about what I was going to post that day, what hashtags to use to maximize exposure...

Then yesterday I took a beat. I came downstairs and made some tea instead of reaching for my laptop right away. And I evaluated why I was feeling so off and unconnected, even though I was actually more 'connected' to the world (and Pinners everywhere!) than ever before. All of the striving for online approval and notice has been taking a strange toll on me. Instead of feeling full I've started to feel empty. 

So I'm changing my tune - and my strategy to online input. I will no longer post/pin/peruse for the sake of gaining attention. I will see these online vehicles as a gift and use them as I think their creators probably intended them to be used anyway.

I will use this journal as a way to work through my own inner conflicts, joys, and struggles with my work, and browse others' blogs the same way. Because if I'm dealing with stuff, God knows millions of other artists out there are too. I will take pictures of beautiful things that inspire me and share them if I think they might inspire others too. 

I have learned SO much from seeing other artists' work online and reading about their stories. And we are SO fortunate that we're living and working in a time when we have access to all of this inspiration. I will be grateful when I open my laptop from now on. I will be inspired. I will hope to inspire others.