It takes a Village

It takes a village to keep our lives together. And last night I had the extreme pleasure of hosting a Village dinner for the extraordinary women who pick me up and keep me going. After an evening of cooking real food for people who actually enjoy it (as opposed to my kids who are force fed their veggies!), and several rounds of Cards Against Humanity, I started composing a mental list of some of the many things I love about my Village of friends.  
I love not having to clean up my house before they come over.
I love falling in love with their children, who have become an extension of my family. 
I love not having to be up or witty or anything other than exactly how I'm feeling when I'm around them. 
I love that they remember stories about me that I don't even remember anymore. 
I love laughing till we snort when we're around each other. 
I love knowing that they've got my back no matter what I need. 
And I LOVED taking the time last night to celebrate our Village with good food, good wine and lots of snorting.