Oh Lucky U!

Two years ago The Don (hubby) and I stepped foot onto a magical cabin property in the mountains and decided right there and then that it should be our family retreat. Birds were singing, the sun was shining, a unicorn jumped across the perfect emerald grass (you get the picture, it was freakin amazing)...it was everything you could want in a cozy mountain getaway for the family.

Then came the flood. One month after we maxed our accounts and signed the papers to make it ours. All along our mountain road, cabins crumbled into the rushing, and now significantly derailed, river. So we were actually lucky that the water stopped right at the front door of our new cabin. Lucky that all we suffered was a lost bridge (any idea what that costs? I didn't either. I cried when the mountain bridge builder handed me the first invoice. Cried. He was terrified of me.) and a devastated property. I sobbed over our horrible decision to buy the place, the terrible timing, the work it would take to fix it up. All the projects that had at first seemed charming were now overwhelming. The Don listened, and nodded, but didn't agree. He stood by our decision and promised that it would be one of the best we ever made. Easy for him to say when I'm the one busting my butt up the mountain to meet with the contractors! 

So here we are, 2 years later. I busted my booty up there again today, fitting in time between school drop-off, prepping for studio move and back in time for school pick up. Met with more contractors, found just the right place for some new striped feathers I found on the property, laid down a new cozy rug in the big bedroom, spent some quiet time stacking rocks in the river and scoped out all the places on the, now green and and budding, property where I want to do some painting this summer. 

It was on my drive back down the mountain when I realized The Don was right (I hate when that happens and I won't admit it unless he sees this!). I freakin love that place. Love the smell of the pines the minute I step out of the car. Love the real white noise coming from the roaring river instead of our plugged in machine. Best decision ever (ok...we could have waited an extra month and have someone else pay for that stinkin bridge, but otherwise...). I leave every visit feeling refreshed, recharged, ready to paint, ready to work, ready to be happy with my kids instead of naggy. How perfect that we decided to name our little slice of heaven Lucky U after the U-shaped horseshoe we found at the doorstep of the cabin after the water receded. It's exactly how I feel. 

A couple snapshots from in and around the cabin today: