I felt exactly like I was moving into my new dorm room on the first day of school. Boxes and bags overflowing with loot, a handful of canvases to work and my stomach in knots. I can't actually remember the last time I felt nervous...about anything. Which is crazy - you grow up and stop challenging yourself? I'm pretty sure it's in the pushing of myself where this nervousness is coming from. It's scary - and really worth it. Damn...I hope it's worth it. 

The Studio Boulder is like a dream. Owned by my very good friend so it already feels super comfortable. And made for photo ops. Every corner is styled with something cool. New level of nervousness: will I live up to their expectations? Will I live up to my own expectations? 

Day 1: a little scary. Mostly totally awesome. Few snapshots from move-in day. That floor...amazing!